Velocity: Digital Business Strategy

Velocity is a digital business model that leverages best practice digital marketing strategies and tactics to attract and covert new prospects while engaging existing customer to maximize revenue potential and grow business.

Centricity360 has a 5 step digital business model. First we review your existing digital marketing, then we create a shared vision for what we want to achieve and establish goals and objectives. Based on these goals and objectives we create a strategy with tactics and execute the strategic plan. Along the way we will continuously measure and review our success until our objectives are met.


The first step in the process of working work together is to achieve a mutual understanding. Where is the business today and what is the direction of the business for tomorrow?

A digital business assessment can greatly help us understand what digital strategies and tactics are working and which are not. Together, we will establish the vision and objectives of the business and what outcomes and results we want to achieve making it easy for us to determine the marketing strategies and tactics that need to be initiated.


Building on the initial digital marketing and sales assessment it’s important to develop a clear vision of success. Setting goals for digital marketing success is essential. We will outline the goals in a SMART format.

Digital Marketing Scorecard: We will establish KPI’s around four goals: building brand recognition, generating leads, conversion of leads and customer loyalty.

Funnel Mapping: Mapping is an exercise of outlining the journey the prospects or customer will take from end to end through the marketing and sales funnel from awareness to engagement to conversion.


The most important step in the process is completing the online sales and marketing strategy. Again, building on the assessment, digital scorecard and funnel mapping its now time to build out the strategies and tactics within an online marketing and sales strategy. The strategy is a roadmap. The roadmap will include checkpoints to assess the progress and success of the digital strategy. Strategies will be created based around business vision.


The execution of the action plan represents the ongoing engagement with Centricity360. We will work with the client to implement strategies and tactics over time and continuously evaluate successes and results.


The review of outcomes and results represents part of the ongoing engagement with Centricity360. Monthly update status meeting will review all KPI’s and measure them against actual results.