Search Engine Optimization

Ultimately being found on the internet is the goal for driving internet business. A well-structured and optimized website is just the beginning. There are so many valuable links that need to be established within your website and those external to your website. Content creation is an important part of ranking in Google and other search engines. It takes ongoing effort to continuously rank well. We have SEO and content experts to help you along this journey.

Search Engine Marketing

Advertising in today’s digital world is very important. Where should we spend our money to optimize our return on investment? Google AdWords or Facebook ads, there are plenty of different platforms to advertise on. Which one is right for you? We will insure that we create an advertising strategy that meets your budget and delivers real results.

Social Media Engagement and Content Marketing

Our focus with social media is driving results. Social selling or social commerce is a new concept for a lot of businesses today. Driving actual trackable revenue is our goal with social media engagement.  Content marketing is an important part of search engine optimization and social media engagement. Content is king. We have content copywriters that can help position the right content to the right audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the number one way to convert business today. Our focus is using email marketing campaign less as a prospecting tool and more of a means to upsell and cross sell to existing customer. The fastest way to grow your business today is through your existing client base. Let’s leverage this to drive more revenue.

Video and Mobile Marketing

Video is an amazing way to attract more business. More and more people are watch video on a daily or sometimes hourly basis at work and at home. Directly the right video content to the right audience can be key to converting buyers. We have partners that will help develop the right video content for your campaign.

Everyone is constantly on their mobile phones. Having a responsive website and advertising campaign targeted to mobile users is not only smart but an important aspect of the overall digital marketing strategy.

Data-Driven Marketing – Metrics, Analytics and Measurement

Centricity360 considers analytics and measurement to be a required service in any of our client engagements. Understanding traffic sources, key performance indicators, metrics are all crucial in meeting goals and targets for our clients.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Centricity360 offers consulting services around digital marketing, e-commerce and application and development services . A great start for any small or medium size business is our Digital Business Assessment.