Digital Marketing and Sales Assessmentcircle4

The first step in the process is to work together to achieve a mutual understanding of where the business is today, what digital strategies and tactics are working and which are not then establish a better understanding of the vision and objectives of the business. What are the outcomes and results we want to achieve?

Overview of Assessment

A complete digital marketing and sales assessment includes a review of:

 Business – Discovery and Review: Company Message, Target Market, Brand, Customer Personas, Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Objectives, SWOT, Competitive Analysis, Review with Key Stakeholders.

Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel: Review awareness, engagement and conversion. Review of the existing marketing and sales funnel as well as any targeted revenue channels.

Strategies and Tactics: Review existing digital marketing strategies, tactics and targeted campaigns.

Customer Reach: Review support, loyalty and advocacy.

Technology: Review all supporting technology used in automating strategies and tactics.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s): Review of existing KPI’s.

Budget and ROI: Review the marketing budget to determine if enough is being spent, value being gained.

Deliverables: Report on Findings, Recommendations and Review