Digital Business Assessment

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” ~Lao Tzu

The first step in the process of working work together is to achieve a mutual understanding. Where is the business today and what is the direction of the business for tomorrow?

A digital business assessment can greatly help us understand what digital strategies and tactics are working and which are not. Together, we will establish the vision and objectives of the business and what outcomes and results we want to achieve making it easy for us to determine the marketing strategies and tactics that need to be initiated.

Digital Business Assessment Overview

A complete digital business assessment includes a review of:

The Core Business – Discovery and Review: Company Message, Target Market, Brand, Customer Personas, Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Objectives, SWOT, Competitive Analysis, Review with Key Stakeholders.

Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel: Review awareness, engagement and conversion. Review of the existing marketing and sales funnel as well as any targeted revenue channels.

Strategies and Tactics: Review existing digital marketing strategies, tactics and targeted campaigns.

Customer Reach: Review support, retention and advocacy. Are we supporting, upselling, cross selling to our existing client base. The fastest way to grow businesses today!

Technology: Review all supporting technology used in automating strategies and tactics. Marketing Automating, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Ecommerce and Mobility.

Key Performance Indicators: Review of existing KPI’s.

Budget and ROI: Review the marketing budget to determine if enough is being spent, value being gained.

Deliverables: Report on Findings, Recommendations and Review

It’s a great first step to working together. Contact us today for a digital business assessment.