Centricity360 uses a collaborative approach. Working directly with our clients we advise them on the revenue generating benefits of digital marketing, online commerce, customer engagement and innovative technology.

Centricity360 has a 5 step process for client engagements. First we review your existing digital marketing, then we create a shared vision for what we want to achieve with the strategy. Based on these objectives it is easy to set strategies with tactics and execute. Along the way we will review our success until those final objectives are met.

We are results driven.

Centricity360 – Building Digital Business.


Looking for an assessment of the strength of your existing digital marketing and sales strategies?  Need some recommendations for future successes?circle4

The first step in the process of working together is to achieve a mutual understanding of where the business is today, what digital strategies and tactics are working and which are not then establish a better understanding of the vision and objectives of the business.

We can provide a digital marketing and sales assessment getting input from marketing and sales leaders as well as key executives in the business.

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Digital Velocitycircle_dv

What is Digital Velocity?
Digital Velocity is a business model that leverages best practice digital marketing strategies and tactics to engage customers and accelerate business growth.

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Marketing Hackathon Workshopcircle_hackathon

Want to grow your business right now?!

Spend less time planning and more time doing. Host a marketing hackathon! A marketing hackathon is an interactive workshop in which marketers, executives and/or entrepreneurs come together to solve business growth challenges.

1 SMART Goal | 3 Ideas | 30 Days to Activate | 90 Days to Execute

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Our consulting services focus on four areas for driving revenue and results: digital marketing, online commerce, customer engagement and innovative technology.

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Looking for a Speaker?

Richard Bolton, an entrepreneur and dynamic speaker with a passion and proven track record for helping small businesses owners take control of their future business growth.

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