Forward thinking companies are embracing online selling. E-Commerce describes the buying and selling of commercial goods and services, conducted electronically on the internet. Our passion is helping companies not only setup these webstores but also helping them to develop digital marketing strategies to attract and convert prospective buyers or sell more to existing customers.

When considering buying or implementing an e-commerce website there are many things to consider. Here are six key things to consider when getting your business ready for e-Commerce:


What software technology will you use as the store.  Shopify is an example of a platform.

Payment Processor

When processing an electronic transaction online you will require a payment processor. PayPal is an example of a payment processor.


Which inventory items or products do you wish to sell online and are they in stock. You don’t have to put your entire inventory online to start, try some high volume easy to sell online products. Having a point of sale system can great aid in tracking inventory.


How will you sync your current inventory with your online store. It’s important that if you’re going to sell online make sure your inventory is up to date.


Shipping and delivery is one of the most important areas for you to consider. Once customers purchase from your online store how will they get their product by delivery or pickup.


Once you build an e-Commerce website what marketing channels will you use to drive traffic to the store. Don’t forget this step.

E-Commerce Assessment and Review

At Centricity360, we believe that the first step in an engagement with a new client is to build a relationship of trust. An e-commerce assessment and review will help us understand your current business and further appreciate your vision and direction with your webstore.

A complete e-commerce assessment and review includes a review of:

  • The Core Business.
  • Business Case for E-Commerce.
  • Key E-Commerce Requirements Review.
  • Platform Selection Review.

E-Commerce Development Services

Centricity360 has many years of experience developing and coaching clients on the implementation of e-commerce sites and the marketing of those websites to drive targeted traffic and drive revenue. Every business is different, let us help you choose the right platform and help you to all the pieces together to make and successful webstore.

WooCommerce | Shopify | Lightspeed


Centricity360 has a five (5) phased e-commerce development process. We believe that following this step by step process covers all the bases for a successful launch of an e-commerce solution:

Assessment and Vision

Building on the E-Commerce Assessment and Review develop an end to end project plan incorporating the vision for the business.

Concept and Visual Design

Technical design of the e-commerce website. Develop a template or custom design for the e-commerce site that reflects the vision of the business. Understand any requirements for add-on applications and integration points to the solution. Centricity360 will present designs with two (2) rounds of feedback before final approval. E-Commerce websites will be developed in responsive design, scaling to mobile devices.

Development and Setup

Complete the development and setup of the e-commerce website platform. This phase would include:

  • Product and services setup. Images setup for all products and services.
  • Customer account setup if required.
  • Currency and/or multiple currency and tax rate setup.
  • Setup of key integration points.
  • Application integration. Setup and testing of required widgets.
  • Search Engine Optimization on all content pages, product listings and services.
  • Complete setup of site architecture and the end to end checkout purchase and payment process.
  • Integration of shipping and fulfillment solution.
  • Analytics and tracking setup

Testing and Launch

Product and/or service purchase process testing is completed on the new e-commerce website and after sign off is launched into production. Go live.

Training and Support

Basic training will be provided on the functionality of the backend of the e-commerce website platform. Once the e-commerce website is launched Centricity360 will provide support for a period of three (3) months against any updates or fixes in line with the original scope and coding of the original e-commerce website project.


Centricity360 understands the value of a strong mobile strategy for your innovative business. Consumers are searching for products and services online everyday using mobile devices. The fastest growing sector of e-commerce is called mobile commerce or m-commerce. M-Commerce involves shopping through a mobile device (smartphone). Develop an m-commerce strategy today.

E-Commerce Support and Maintenance Contracts

E-commerce support and maintenance contracts are available after the initial support and maintenance term has been completed.