Canada’s Younger Adults Devour Video

We’re approaching the heart of the winter for 2014; this year has been a cold one! As Canadian’s were used to it. We spend a good part of our time indoors avoiding the cold (ok, when I’m not skiing!) and I’m wonder whether that might be part of the reason why we’re watching so much video.  A recent article on eMarketer (Canada’s Younger Adults Devour Video: details that nearly “Nearly 90% of the country’s internet users are online video viewers” and that “In Canada, the number of videos consumed online has jumped 140% over the past three years, according to data released by comScore in November 2013. What does this say about how we are now taking in information and how we are using video in our business to convey our message and market our products? Those small businesses that have a target demographic of a younger age might want to consider the effective use of video marketing.  Video is something I’m going to be using more of in my business, how do you use video in your business?


eMarketer (January 24, 2014):