Groundswell, Canadians embrace social technology……….

Hands down, Groundswell is one of my favourite, top five, books on social media. It outlines the POST strategy (People, Objective, Strategy, and Technology) for creating a strategy for social media in your business. I’m a stickler for creating a social media strategy because ultimately we want to see results from our social media marketing. It’s a great read, pick it up.

Check out some of these impressive statistics from the Groundswell blog:

  • With 79% of online Canadians connecting with social content in some way at least once a month, Canadians are among the most active consumers in any country we survey.
  • Well over half of online Canadians connect with social networks.
  • As in other countries, young Canadians use social technology more than older Canadians, but Gen X Canadians are still very active, with 85% using some form of social technology at least monthly.

After reading Groundswell I had a chance to surf their blog. Also, a really good read.  They have a social technology profile tool for profiling your customer’s social computing behaviours. When I prepared to use the tool to create a profile of my clients based on the criteria’s required, I noticed one glaring oversight. When it came to choosing the country in which my business resides, Canada, was not on the list!!!??? As a hockey lovin hoser I was a little put off by this, eh!

Well, fear not my fellow Canucks; they have released that very information for Canada.  Please review and discover:

Richard: Centricity360