Social Media and Security – Be aware….

Recently, I’ve been doing in-depth investigation into Social Media security. Why, well clients have been asking direct questions over their concerns for security of social media networks. What is the risk? Well there is plenty at risk, so it’s important to understand the nature of the risk from both an internal and external perspective to your business. To mitigate risk internally it’s important to develop a Social Media Policy or Internet Posting Policy for your employees. As guidance a Social Media Policy should include some of the following:

  • The purpose of social media.
  • Be responsible for what you write. Exercise good judgement.
  • Respect copyrights and fair use.
  • Which tools should be used and should not be used.
  • What employees can and cannot say on social media networks. Protect confidential and proprietary information. I.E. Client information, intellectual property.
  • Bring Value. Don’t just broadcast.
  • Productivity matters. Advise on what is good use of company time on social networks and what is not.

As a reference Cisco has a very easy to read Internet Posting Policy online that your organization can model:

External threats can come in many forms. Too many to detail. It’s important that your organization follow the latest scams, schemes and phishing on the Social Media sites that you use. A very helpful site I have been researching lately is Social Media Security: Exposing the Insecurities of Social Media, a great podcast is available on iTunes as well:

At the very least be aware of what you’re clicking on, think first then act. A good question in the back of your mind should be: Would this colleague send me something like this?

Good luck. Safe Surfing.